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Welcome to Bolster

Our Culture

How would we describe it? A workplace where people genuinely like each other. Where you can be your true self. Where people are acknowledged and respected for the great work they do. Where triumphs are celebrated as a group and problems are solved collectively. 

Where there are good vibes only and a zero tolerance approach to toxicity. We’re pretty proud of the culture we’ve built here, and we all work really hard to maintain it. The no d***heads policy has been enforced from day one, and it’s served us pretty well.

Read more about Bolster in our Employee Handbook. 

Our Values

Eyes On Culture

We connect our clients to culture and current affairs, immersing ourselves in the communities we serve. We know everything they need to know

We Turn Up

In a presentation. At a launch. At an event. In a WIP. For our clients and teammates, every day

We Roll With The Punches

We know the nature of this work is unpredictable. We do our best work when we’re thrown a curveball, or dive into the deep end

We Keep It Real

You can’t fake what we do. We strip away the BS and build trusting relationships. Knowledge, transparency, authenticity - this is what we’re about.

It’s In Our Hands

We take responsibility, stay one step ahead, push outside our comfort zone and never phone it in. We’d rather fail trying something new than die wondering.

What You Can Expect From us

Career Progression Plans & Growth Opportunities

Flexible Working Arrangements

Work from our Abbotsford office or remotely from anywhere.

Bolster University

Attend regular Bolster uni sessions run by external and internal speakers.

Wellness Perks

Free Smiling Mind and ClassPass subscriptions and access to an EAP.

Social Gatherings

Fortnightly team lunches, an annual retreat and quarterly events.

Free Tickets to Events

Get access to attend some of Australia's most iconic events in the music and entertainment industry.

Come Join Us

We promise equal opportunity for all applicants irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity, cultural background, race, disability, or sexual orientation.

Campaign Manager
  • Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Expression of Interest
  • COLLINGWOOD, Victoria, Australia
Going North Creative Project Manager
  • Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia